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EXOHAB - (ADAMS) Advanced Deployable Aircraft Maintenance System



EXOHAB Base Shelter Specifications:

Dimensions:  32’ x 20’W x 11’H.

Floor Area:  >650 sqft, indefinitely extendable in 120 sqft increments.  

Structure:  Composed of rigid KEVLAR composite panels with a patented folding design that maximizes portability and packability. 

Assembly Time:  4 personnel, <40 min, no equipment required.    

Capacity:  Can comfortably hold > 15 persons for general use.  

Fabric Specs: Fabric components are PVC Coated Vinyl -fire resistant, mold, water, rot resistant with UV inhibitor. Berry Compliant. 

Temperature:  Designed to be fully operable in ambient temperatures between -60 °Fahrenheit (F) to +120 °F. 

Wind:  Engineered to withstand high wind loading - expected to withstand steady winds in excess of 80 miles per hour (for 30 minutes) and wind gusts of 90 mph (in 10 second durations) from any direction without sustaining damage. Based on initial testing and analysis with additional testing pending.

Snow load:  Shelters exceed typical soft walled shelter performance - tested to exceed 10psf loading (tent req’t). Shelters also do not collect snow like typical flat roofed containers.

Weight: Total weight of the EXOHAB shelter is < 2000 lbs. Total shipping weight of EXOHAB Shelter System (including ISU-90) is 3200 lbs. The packed EXOHAB system has half the weight of an expandable ISO Shelter but requires only 1/3 the total shipping volume. 

Transport:  EXOHAB fits in ISU-90 or can be palletized onto 463L pallets or similar containers and pallets. 

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