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T9 was formed with the goal of cultivating engineering talent and developing technologies in DoD, NASA and commercial markets by leveraging the founding partners diverse expertise in commercial business, aerospace contracting and a proven track record of technical and business innovation.

Technology development and market infusion is T9’s goal and its path will closely parallel the NASA/DOD technology readiness level (TRL 1 to 9) development goals. With the ultimate goal of developing and fielding (or licensing) level 9 technologies.

Solving problems

Solving problems is foundational to science and engineering disciplines but often within mature markets or structured organizations rapid innovation, early-stage product development and agile methods can be difficult to implement within existing organizations.

Trac9 was formed from the outset to enable just these types of activities by establishing a small business focused on early stage science and engineering innovations supported by access to capital and business expertise when the product needs arise.

Creating Technology

Creating Technology requires rapid and iterative development cycles. Rapid modes of development and agile methods executed in both structured and more organic formats is what the founders of Trac9 have excelled at throughout their careers.

This record includes prior activities that range from the development and management of the Sunshield system for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to invention and creation of products and technology for the golf and sports equipment industry (a purely commercial endeavor) as well as other products.

Making a Difference

Making a Difference requires both talent and effort. It requires the talent to invent smart technologies and willingness to germinate new ideas but it also requires significant effort. Effort to listen to ideas, collaborate, understand first principal objectives and most often requires re-thinking assumptions about how to approach problems and effectively reach goals.
Corporate Vision

The successful journey of a product from idea to execution an exciting and challenging endeavor.

It is a path that requires employees and leaders with skill, motivation and heart to tackle the most challenging of problems. At Trac9, we lean into everything we do with all our heart and we will make every effort to make successful, durable, useful products that solve problems and provide the best outcomes for our customers.

Most recently the Trac9 team has developed an entirely new type of advanced portable shelter system called EXOHAB. Trac9 is working in close collaboration with our Air Force partners to develop this system (called ADAMS) and field it throughout the Air Force enterprise.

Our Culture

Influence and help others prosper

At the core of the T9’s vision is a desire to influence and help others prosper; be it our customers, our employees, or the next generation of scientists and engineers. Cultivating engineering and manufacturing talent and building a stable base of U.S. manufacturing capability is essential to our Nation’s prosperity and future. In many ways this requires rethinking traditional development and business methods to engage a younger population of engineers and scientists while leveraging manufacturing resource innovation, skilled trades and investing in domestic manufacturing capability.