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Wings Over Cannon AFB Air Show

Trac9 and the 27th SOMXS setup ADAMS to participate in Cannon AFB Air Show, April 2023.

Displayed above is the ADAMS located on the flightline side of the airfield. It was being set up to participate in the Wings Over Cannon Air Show. The ADAMS was featured as an innovation hub, and it was complete with TV monitors, Computers, 3D Scanners and 3D Printing technologies. The day before the air show Trac9 participated in “STEM hall”, which unveiled the futuristic concept for reverse engineering to Elementary and High School students from the cities of Clovis and Portales New Mexico.

TRAC9 was able to help accommodate the setup of the ADAMS by wiring it to an existing piece of Aerospace Ground Equipment (AGE). This supplied the required power to run the climate control, lighting, and outlets to power the innovation lab. The display showcased the versatility of the ADAMS, as it was able to run off a piece of equipment that may already be in theater during an aircraft maintenance tasking. This may be useful for decreasing deployment footprints, as well as efficiently utilizing available space on cargo aircraft in the future. Having an additional solution to power the shelter system that is already approved for flightline operations is vital to the Air Force’s Multi-Capable Airmen initiative. Furthermore, ground crew already regularly trained on the usage and maintenance of said power sources.

The TRAC9 team was also able to develop a new method for keeping the structure secure to the ground in a situation where staking or bolting the arches to the concrete is not possible. Aircraft tarmacs and aprons often do not allow for drilling or anchors that would become an ingestion hazard for aircraft engines. By developing a decking system to go under the ADAMS the team was able to find a way to secure the ADAMS on the outside of the structure with heavy dunnage. Buckets of water or large water bladders with ropes were not needed to hold the ADAMS in place during high winds, making it both an effective solution and less of an eyesore.

As expected, wind conditions picked up on the day of the event. Many tent systems on display had to be taken down due to high winds. The air shows medical staff tent was one of the tent structures that could not withstand the high winds of the desert plains. The versatility of the ADAMS again was showcased as it was quickly transitioned into a first aid station for participants. The system quickly garnered the attention of the Medical Group Leadership and plans were discussed to develop the system into a medical suite in the future. Some of the benefits of the design included the ability to quickly sterilize the shelter as opposed to dusty and unhygienic fabric systems previously used for battlefield surgical requirements. The ability to hang additional lighting and medical equipment from the walls of the shelter was also viewed as an operational advantage in a wartime situation.

Cannon AFB aircraft maintenance personnel plan to utilize the ADAMS as part of initiative to combine several aircraft maintenance back shops into a lean fighting force. By equipping their mission with an ADAMS, they can conduct fabrication and other aircraft battle damage repairs as required in an austere or contested environment. No doubt, the Airmen are up for the task and the ADAMS system is ready to support the new mission requirement within the 27th SOMXS.

Medical Staff excited to see what the ADAMS morphs into next!

ADAMS powered by Aerospace Ground Equipment in front of Hangar 194 Cannon AFB

Trac9 is happy to have had the opportunity to discuss future use cases and development with the Air Force Special Operations Airmen of Cannon AFB and look forward to seeing all their great innovative ideas and uses for the system come to fruition very soon.