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Transition Shelter Delivery

May 10, 2024

A portion of the ADAMS paint complex, known as a transition decontamination shelter, is being temporarily used to bridge an infrastructure construction gap. The shelter will be repurposed once the facility renovation project is completed.

Trac9 recently delivered a 3 arch transition shelter to AFSOC for use within the Aircraft Structural Maintenance Section. This effort prevents the spread of contamination from the Corrosion Control side of the facility throughout other portions of the building. It also helps remove residue toxic dust from worker’s skin. This unit is complete with an air shower, HEPA dust capture system, respirator cleaning sink, PPE storage areas, and male and female dirty and clean locker rooms with collapsible decontamination showers. The capability was designed for an austere location with fresh and grey water storage tanks but does have the capacity to be connected to base utilities if discharge is authorized.

The shelter features placards that indicate to workers which zones they are entering per UFC 4-211-02. These zones include hot, warm and cold areas, and have features to assist with dust mitigation and prevention. When used properly the shelter can help prevent the cross contamination of hexavalent chromium and other heavy metal dusts. Each zone within the shelter features its own HVAC unit and hot water is provided via a tankless water heater mounted within a deployable case. This allows for ease of packing and shipment. The foldable feature of the structure allows it to be easily transported via ISU-90’s, either palletized or containerized.

When paired with the paint booth variant this capability can provide a safe and reliable way to restore coatings on aerospace ground equipment (AGE), composite assemblies or other aircraft parts down range.

The modularity of the shelter system affords users the ability to repurpose the shelter for many different use cases. Trac9 is happy to have been provided an opportunity to partner with AFSOC for this initiative.

Airmen from the Air Force Special Operations Command were provided assembly training by Trac9 as part of the ADAMS delivery and installation.